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Plastering Services

Plastering is a process used to produce an acceptable final wall or ceiling finish to a building prior to decoration. A substrate is the surface to which the plastering system is to be applied. Backing coats which cover the substrates are between 6mm and 40mm thick under normal circumstances and the overall thickness can be built up in coats as is necessary.

Metal Framing

Steel studs are perfectly straight, don't shrink or split. They're light, easy to store, resist fire, insects and rot. Steel studs are cheaper than wood.


Insulation is a material that will increase the thermal resistance of the walls, floors and roof. When it is used in walls, roofs and floors, it will improve the thermal performance of the building and help to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. It can also provide acoustic performance by reducing sound transfer from the outside to the inside of a building or between adjoining rooms.

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Shaft Liner

Shaft Liner panels consist of a fire-resistant type X gypsum core that is encased in a moisture resistant, 100% recycled green face and back paper. The face paper is folded around the long edges to reinforce and protect the core.

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan Insulation is one of the world's most well-known and trusted manufacturers of insulation board. With product ranges like Kingspan Kooltherm and a variety of different Kingspan insulation boards, you can install a reliable and well-made product from Kingspan no matter your application.

KEY-LOCK Concealed Ceiling System

Our KEY-LOCK® Concealed Suspended Ceiling System is designed to produce a high-quality structure for a flush or featured finish to your plasterboard ceiling. We have two options for this ceiling system. You can either direct-fix or fully suspend your KEY-LOCK® Concealed Ceiling System

Level 5 Finish Plaster

A Level 5 finish is the highest degree of quality in drywall finishing. It requires all the operations of a Level 4 finish with the addition of a skim coat of joint compound applied to cover the entire wall or ceiling area to provide a uniformly smooth surface.

Hebel Panels

Hebel is a strong, versatile, high performance building product made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC). ... Available in blocks and panels, Hebel is easy to handle, quick to build with, and better to live in.

Fire Rated Caulking

-Non fire-rated control joints in Hebel, concrete, masonry, and brickwork -Acoustic sealing between most common building materials such as concrete, masonry, Hebel, plasterboard, fibre cement, metals, timber and plastic as part of a suitable joint design -Fire rated caulking of penetrations, control joints and perimeter sealing in plasterboard

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